Church of St. Margaret

St. Margaret’s Church

Šmarjetna gora, with its great location above Kranj, it is an attractive destination for visitors who can enjoy the views over the valley. In the past, and due to its favourable position and views, castle defensive ditches and sanctuaries were built on the top of Šmarjetna gora. Today St. Margaret’s Church, a destination for many pilgrims, still remains.
It is not known exactly when St. Margaret’s Church was built, but it is thought that it was between the 9th and 10th centuries. Šmarjetna gora was first mentioned in documents dating from 1274. The next source, in 1342, stated that the church had already been renovated. The church is dedicated to St. Margaret, the patron saint of storms and hail.
Nowadays the church celebrates all of the major Christian holidays and conducts a large number of weddings and christenings.

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