The grapevines growing on Šmarjetna gora are somewhat unusual for this area. However, this came about for the following reasons: 

  • On the south facing hills there are terraces which testify to the growing of grapevines in historical times;

  • Indirect proof is also provided by the name of this hill – TORKLA, which in old language means ‘press’.

  • Further proof of the growing of grapes in this area is the name of a street in the village of Stražišče, below Šmarjetna gora, which is called Vineyard Street.

The latest discoveries testify that the Freising bishops grew grapevines here about 400 years ago.

In the year 2000, the municipality of Kranj received a gift from municipality of Maribor. The gift was a 400-year old vine, a descendant of a variety of wine from Maribor, called ”modra kavčina”. The then Mayor of Kranj, Mohor Bogataj, decided to plant the vine on Šmarjetna gora.

Our vineyard symbolically connects three different Slovenian wine-growing regions – Štajerska, Primorska and Dolenjska.
The mission of our vineyard is to promote the world’s oldest grapevine and also to present information to our guests from all over the world, that Slovenia is, among other things, a land of vineyards and fine wine.

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